September 2019 Done-for-you Social Media Pack

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This month

Helping churches spread the Good News through out the social media sphere. Get a preview of what’s coming up.


What we offer?

Social media content powered by video

Time: Save 5-10 hours a week with done-for-your social media posts with captions included.

Savings: To hire an in-house motion designer can cost you 100’s-1,000’s of dollars. Get high quality, current and trending video powered posts at a very affordable price.

Video: Video is one of the most powerful ways to deliver a message and to capture your audience’s attention. Video is also preferred on social platforms.

Engagement: All of our posts are created to provoke engagement with you and with each-other.


Video is the most engaging content on social media.

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We design our content under 5 major concepts


People are drawn to social media for entertainment. By creating posts that are both entertaining and opinion driven, you’re sure to get a lot of engagement with these types of posts.


Spiritual growth is important in any Christian’s life, so these bible verses, quotes and spiritual growth challenges will keep your audience uplifted through out the wee


Facebook says the best type of engagement is when your audience has conversations with one another in the comments of your post. These posts will help spark the conversation.


We’ll create the typical event post any church may havve through out the month such as baptism, communion, Small groups an so on.


Enjoy being on top of trends and seasonal events to keep your audience engaged whether it’s Easter or doughnut day. We got you covered.

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Increase your engagement dramatically!

+ Facebook is the second favorite platform for consuming videos after YouTube.

+ 40% of consumers said that they watch the most videos on Facebook.

+ 74% of consumers share video content from brands on social media.